Client Testimonials for Judy and Kim Nordquist Bronze Art

“Searching the world for equine beauty, it is always a joy when I see Nordquist’s new creations – stallions, mares, and foals – and allow my eyes to rest on their bold stillness or grace in action. Balance, beauty, drama and strength are the poetic elements that I seek in my own work – qualities that I find abundant in Nordquist’s bronze. Strangely enough, because the Arabian horse embodies these qualities, it is all the more difficult for the artist to capture them. Nature accomplishes a perfection that man is unable to achieve, but Nordquist is one of the few living sculptors who comes close to this achievement.”

Robert Vavra ~ World renowned Author and Photographer

Classic Rendition

Hi Judy, we both want to give you a big thank you for perfection!  We absolutely love this piece!
It is a piece you just want to keep looking at.
It is in our living room for visibility and will be cherished forever!
I think my favorite!

Debbie and Steve Brunhild

Classic Rendition

Desert Mirage

Desert Mirage

Judy, we are both just staring at this Arabian stallion and he is
perfect in our master bedroom!  You are the best living horse sculpture I have ever seen.
I do not often buy! I do a lot of looking, but don't always pull the trigger.
We are both amazed.
Thank you and what a wonderful career you have.

Nancy and Larry Mindlin

Padrons Psyche

“When the bronze was unveiled at Scottsdale, I got a lump in my throat—it is so perfectly Psyche!
But even more, it is the perfect Arabian!”
Dixie North

“The likeness of this bronze to Psyche is remarkable. It captures his expression, confidence,
strength, and charisma! Everyone who has ever been associated with Psyche
knows he is a once in a lifetime horse, and this bronze is a once in a lifetime work of art!”
Lee Bernier, Psyche’s manager for 7 years

Debbie and Steve Brunhild

Padrons Pysche



Somehow you have magically caught the essence of Turismo in a fleeting moment of time. His beauty and joy of life is forever preserved in this incredible bronze. Thank you and your daughter, Kim, for sharing with me your talent and your love of the Arabian Horse. I will cherish Turismo’s reflection always!

Sincerely, Merrilee Lyons

Exquisite Moment

Hi Judy,
We arrived at the farm this morning and drove down the new road…
how spectacular to see your bronzes waiting for us at the other end!
We loved working with you and couldn’t be happier with the final result.
It will surely be a conversation topic for all of those that visit our farm.

Thanks again – Steve & Christina Poore

Dream On

Dream On

“May Allah bestow talent and blessings upon thyself”
Dear Miss Judy Nordquist,
I opened the case to look at “Dream On” filly, and immediately went “Wah!” it was such a breathtaking wonderful piece of highly talented Work of Art, which definitely will take a very worthy spot at my farm.
Unfortunately, it is too good to be where I intended in the beginning, but certainly will be at more close to my heart spot.

Well done and many thanks,
Usamah Zaid Alkazemi

2018 Update:
Your full size foal bronze still adorns my barn after nearly 18 years,
looking as beautiful as the time I got it and keep on loving it.

Daughters of The Wind

September 23, 1985

Dear Judy,
I feel I must try to put down in writing the mixture of thoughts and emotions I have experienced during the last few weeks since “Daughters of the Wind” has graced the center of my stables.

As you know, the concept of a bronze is something I have envisioned for some time. As I saw the building itself take shape, the circular theme lent an intimacy and tranquility I had not anticipated. My initial thoughts of a powerful stallion full of energy and movement slowly faded as I felt the peacefulness in the center courtyard. Having already planned a fountain in the center, the idea of incorporating a bronze with the water fell into place quite naturally. And since I am strictly a mare operation, the concept of mare and foal, I felt, had much more meaning.
The total picture – the baby drinking, the mare just alerted to the visitor’s presence – was crystal clear in my mind. What remained was, in my estimation, the most difficult task; to relate my mind’s image to someone who could execute it to perfection.
Judy, I must tell you, that if I had the talent to sculpt this piece with my own hands, it could not have been any better nor any closer to the image I conceived almost two years ago. Every time I enter the stables I am taken aback by this sculpture. There couldn’t have been a more beautiful center-piece for this special place, and everyone who has seen it has been awestruck.
I get so much pride and joy from showing the “Daughters of the Wind” to all our visitors that I felt I had to share it with you. I only with you could be here each time someone sees it for the first time. They’re usually speechless, always impressed, and seemingly mesmerized by the piece and its setting.
When I first thought of commissioning a life-size bronze, I never hesitated an instant – I know you were the right one to do it. Now I know you’re the only one who could have done it with the grace, the style and the majesty which this piece holds.
From the bottom of my heart I thank you – for your patience, your insight, and your incredible talent. Truly, your ability is a gift which all can enjoy.

Most Sincerely,
Layla Khashoggi

Daughters of the Wind

Pharaoh's Horse

Pharaoh’s Horse

I want to thank you for creating the piece. No matter how troubled the world new is, or how tired or low my spirits may be, I know I can gaze upon that magnificent steed and see the world as it ought to be, free, intelligent, proud, virile and radiating a love of life in his every fibre and movement. You couldn’t have created all that by accident. But you did express it, with skill and eloquence, and you touched my soul.

Thank you,
Saul Fox

Wind Spirit Monumental Life-Size

Dear Judy,
I have been meaning to write and congratulate you again on the wonderful job you did on our “Telluride Mountain Ute” sculpture. Seeing it life size (actually, a little more than life size) is breathtaking. Everyone, tourists and locals alike, comments on its magnificence.

The installation, dedication ceremony and reception went like clockwork. Again, congratulations on being so organized – it’s a double pleasure to work with an artist who is also a very capable business women.

I don’t know that we will commission any more bonzes for the Mountain Village, but I would certainly enjoy working on another project with you, if we ever do.

Good luck with your next sculpture, and I look forwarded to seeing you whenever you’re in town.

Kathy Mahoney
General manager
Telluride Mountain Village Metropolitan Service, Inc.